People are starting to “game” the SEO world with a great deal of negativity. It’s starting to show up in a lot of arenas and when people read through the content and updates of these pages, they end up disliking the notion of internet marketing. On the other hand, people are talking about the demise of marketing as a way to gain the upper hand in their own business. You will often see pages like this that will link you to a search engine optimization company.

This tactic can be used by anyone, but knowing the truth will help you implement a proper strategy. If you want to gain true market share, then you need to look at building links and working with proper protocol of optimization. The following will help you understand the greater good of SEO as it stands today.

The End Is Not Near

SEO-FirmThe end of backlinks is not going to happen anytime soon. The reason why many marketers are talking about this is simple, they have seen diminished returns on their sites due to algorithm shifts by search engines. If the search engines have penalized sites, it’s not because their links are inherently wrong, it’s because they are on pages that aren’t supporting the main topic of a page. For instance, if you have a site that sells books, but your backlinks are all from sports forums, you may be seeing a huge drop. Not only that, if you’re getting linked from forums, blogs and more that are in a foreign language and have already been linked from hundreds of other sites, then you are in the wrong. The end is not near, but the “gaming” of the system is coming to a halt.

Search Engine Optimization Still Thrives

Look online for a SEO firm, and you will see a lot of listings. Search engine optimization is not going anywhere and it shows by the number of jobs, companies, and more that are opening up to help consumers with this. If it was dying or on the way out, there would be a detraction here. In some ways, you will see no jobs, no new companies, and a huge turnover of technology workers. The fact that technology continues to move in this arena is a sign that it’s not going anywhere and it still thrives. In fact, more people are working on search engine optimization than ever before. If you want to take this on, you can, and the results will turn you into a true believer, with relative ease.

It Pays To Be Wrong

The sinister thing about the end of link building is simple. People are making money off of the topic and they are posting as much content as they can to usurp the interest of the millions of people that are online. If you want to get your site noticed, you could always be negative and of course, wrong. The more wrong you are on the internet, the more people want to talk about how you’re wrong and that could pay in terms of ad revenue. More page views, equals more ad placements that are viewed, and it could mean click through rate that jumps. This is fleeting, however, and something that will not last when it comes to long term SEO success.

PPCIn the end, you will want to focus on working with optimization, PPC, and perhaps even hire someone to help with the engagement process. Do not believe the hype, or the exaggerations of the demise of these elements. You will end up losing out in the long term. Always work on proper protocol, and items that are proven to work, in the long term. Shortcuts won’t help you, and if you’re lost, hire an expert.